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About Enskilda Gymnasiet

Enskilda Gymnasiet is a school for students that want to do their best. They want to learn and make progress. This means that we have a school culture that promotes students’ learning and motivates them to become high achievers.

Enskilda Gymnasiet offers its students a high level of education. With highly qualified and well regarded teachers, who teach both in lower secondary school and upper secondary school, we are able to help our students obtain the grades required for admittance to the most prestigious universities in the world.

We prepare our students for further studies as well as for work abroad. Our students take courses in English at proficiency level. Furthermore, they are offered courses in modern languages such as French, Spanish and German at level 6 and 7. 

We emphasise culture and take advantage of our location in the heart of Sweden's capital city. Each term, we expect our students to read several novels. We regularly visit the Royal Dramatic Theatre or the National Theatre and we often invite authors, politicians and scholars to give lectures in the school’s auditorium. In our quest to develop our students’ personalities and to enhance their social competence and creativity, we offer courses in drama, art and design, photography, singing and music.
Enskilda Gymnasiet is a school with a clear code of conduct. We take great pride in creating an academic environment that makes it possible for our students to reach high goals. Every student signs a contract agreeing to abide by the school’s rules and regulations.

At Enskilda Gymnasiet, we have a high-staffing ratio and teacher-led classes during the entire school day. We have an extended curriculum for English and Mathematics. In order to ensure that each student reaches a high level of proficiency in these subjects they are grouped according to their ability.

We expect our students to show mutual respect to each other and we have a zerotolerance policy on bullying. Since we are a relatively small school, teachers and the school leadership have the opportunity to get to know each student individually which makes for a safe and secure school environment.

To ensure that new students are well taken care of, year 7 (lower secondary) and year 1 (upper secondary) start school two days early. This allows them to get acquainted with the school premises, their tutors and their peers. In each class, two representatives are appointed and at the end of each school year, one student is elected "best schoolmate”.

Enskilda Gymnasiet is a long-established free school with great commitment to its students and staff alike. The school was founded in 1913 and is owned and operated by parents through the Enskilda Gymnasiet Association. Together with devoted parents, who share our vision of learning and discipline, we will better achieve our goals.